A potato onion and gruyere galette. This was another farm-share driven bake. We had a ton of onions and potatoes and my wife was desperate for some to get used and make room in our pantry. I did a little research and found a Sur La Table recipe for this galette and thought, why not? I’d never made a galette before and frankly might not have really known what it was. It’s essentially a rustic tart where you don’t bother with a tart pan. It was perfect in this case because the two tart pans I have are small and shallow and would never have worked for this monster savory tart.

This is the recipe I used. I already had everything I needed except the gruyere so I picked up a half-pound of a 6 month aged one. The recipe calls for a quarter-pound but I think cheese follows the same rule as garlic and chocolate chips. Always use more than it says!

Unbaked Galette
The Unbaked Potato Onion and Gruyere Galette

Yes, it looks messy, but that’s the beauty of a ‘rustic bake’. It’s supposed to! Sort of. It came out tasting amazing. I was pretty happy that the form held together even though I had overstuffed the galette by doubling the cheese and using a bit more potatoes than called for. The family loved it. I’ll have to try some more galettes, they are less finicky than doing a tart in a tin but are still quite impressive in their own way.

Potato Onion and Gruyere Galette
Sliced potato onion gruyere galette
Sliced potato onion gruyere galette
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