Thanksgiving Bakes

Thanksgiving Bakes

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and ofc I had to get my bake on with some Thanksgiving bakes. First up, you always need some bread and butter with turkey day dinner, so I made an overnight white.

I also made both a sandwich loaf (plain white bread) and cornbread to use in stuffing. My wife had seen this recipe in the NY Times and thought it looked good, and it was. I made an extra cornbread while I was at it, and I actually didn’t think it was that great when I tasted it. Ironically, probably because I made it from scratch using cornmeal, and not a box mix that would have lots of extra sugar and stuff. The stuffing itself was great though and will probably be our new go-to in years to come.

And of course, the pièce de résistance, it’s not Thanksgiving bakes without the pies! I made my two favorites, the obligatory pumpkin, and a bourbon pecan.

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